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Jazz on the Tube Interview Feedback
Hello Deb, 
The concert was amazing the artist were fantastic the flow of the show was perfect and the diverse group of attendees made the evening a joy.  Thank you for the beautiful experience. WB 6/20/2017

"The concert was fabulous. I received more than was expected. I look forward to the next concerts in November." Michelle 6/20/2017


"Wilton [Felder] has the ability to bring the people to the stage." - Dean West, Sr. - Owner GDIC Sound & Lighting

"This is a sophisticated audience."

"Wilton [Felder] has a way of teaching on the stage."

"I just wanted to tell you how excited I was to hear that Walter Beasley was going to do the pre-concert show on Friday evening.  I became such a HUGE fan of his after seeing him perform live at last year’s [Jazz Informance] event. 

I had of course heard him before, and enjoyed his work; but seeing him live and listening to him talk so passionately about his craft and what motivated him to write certain tunes “ I liked the story he told about Sax Meditations” allowed me to truly connect to his music in a way that I had not before.   Listening to him share where he was in life’s journey that motivated certain songs and albums made the music take on even greater meaning for me."                                                                                                    

Thanks so much for managing to secure such a wonderful talent as a bonus for this year’s event.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           L.J., Hampton, VA

 "You and your husband put on a fantastic show, best ever, my Mom still can't stop talking about it."    A. P., Charlotte, NC
"I had my son and daughter take piano lessons not because I ever thought they would ever perform at a Jazz Informance Concert, but because I heard like you said music may help young people excel in school.


My daughter now a nurse and regular Pioneer in a Portuguese Congregation, had advanced classes in school as well as scholarships from schools around the country. 

I know her learning piano at an early age helped.

Once again thanks for keeping Jazz-Alive!!" WS, North Carolina11/3/2014


"It [Jazz on the Tube interview] was delightful, enlightening and insightful.  Keep up the good work.  It is really impacting many people, young and old.   

I am going to forward it on to all my boys, who know we go every year to the Jazz [Informance] concert and I think it will give them a different perspective." BC, Phila.,PA 11/2/2014  

"I love the link [www.jazzonthetube.com/jazzinformance] Now I'm a follower!   - FA, Baltimore                

"Much success on the concert."  WB, Reston, VA 11/25/2014

"This [Jazz on the Tube interview] is so cool and gives a historical perspective, as well as a love perspective.  It is not "all about the music" which we as musicians like to dwell on!  I cannot wait to be able to take my grandson, J_____ [a toddler]  to his first jazz concert.  :)"  VB, Reston, VA 11/25/2014


Just because I couldn't make it this year, don't mean I can't have some fun.

Are you kidding?All them folks coming to town, no doubt many already checked in.
Yes I'm going to enjoy this, even if I am remote.

Jazz music is universal and inspirational. make me want to write.

It was back in the 70's when Ronnie Laws and Wilton Felder had
people like me and Walter Beasley singing, dancing and tapping our toes.

Sis Deb, in just a few hours someone is going to knock on your dressing
room door and say it's "Show Time".

here is a little sumptin to help ya get ready.

(Speaking thru my Bull Horn)

Hurry, hurry, step right up
See the Hot Jazz Show in town

Step right up, hurry , hurry before the show begin, my friend
Stand in line, with your ticket, I hope you will attend
Only hours away for all of us to see
The Great music they have prepared for you and me

See the men with Saxophone, yes they are glad
Yes really glad(so glad, so glad)
Hey there's my brother, let me go and shake his hand
There's got to be no better show, to see
No doubt about it, satisfaction guaranteed

So let the Jazz Show begin
Hurry, hurry, step right on in
Can't afford to pass it by
Grab your tux and  little bow tie
Let the Jazz Show begin (Hurry, hurry)
Hurry, hurry step right on in
Can't afford to let it get by
Come Saturday morning you might say "OH MY"

See the men whose been blowing saxophone for years
So many years[So many year}

"Nothing like 70's music" - 
WS, N.C. 11/28/2014

We were not able to attend on the 28th. Our loss. I have heard from some friends who were able to be there and they gave me rave reviews for the entertainment and the wonderful food.
Please keep in touch so that we can plan and pay in advance for what I sense are some really nice occasions to join with our friends to dine and enjoy wholesome entertainment.

"I enjoyed listening to your Podcast Interview too. I feel like I know you even better after that. I now know what inspired the great Deb and Steve Charity into doing what they do. And also what inspired you to come up with your experience of a Jazz Performance...l but a Jazzinformance because you learned so much by what was taught by your entertainers. See it gives greater meaning to a name what's you know the back ground and history in behind something.
Congratulations again on a great event my dear sister..." PJ, N.J.