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                    Wilton Felder of the Crusaders
                                      8/31/40 - 9/27/15

View The New York Times  10-4-2015 article.

Did you know Mr. Felder also played bass?  

Click here for Felder's bass guitar on

"I Want You Back"!

Al Jarreau - Aqua de Beber - Wilton Felder on bass.

Heard this? My Name Is Love - Wilton Felder

Interview - Ken Webb Radio.com

Click Felder's photo and hear his interview.

   "I grew up listening to them [Wilton & Ronnie]. The world was drawn to them. Who can say that they have the opportunity to learn from 2 mentors from childhood? What these two (Laws & Felder) have done for the game is incredible.  I am very blessed to have had a relationship with Wilton. He made his presence known."  Walter Beasley

Beasley's brain child - Berklee College of Music courseThe Music of the Crusaders

Click here for Jazz Informance's Walter Beasley*Ronnie Laws*Wilton Felder of the Crusaders 2014 concert photos...

A Unique & Beautiful Way to Present Jazz

"Jazz appears in a lot of different environments...

In clubs, in concert halls, in festivals,
and in New Orleans, in parades.

Our latest podcast features a
fascinating interview with a producer
who has created a new context for
the music that I hope catches on.

                        - Lester Perkins" - Jazz on the Tube

Click here for Jazz on the Tube podcast:

More about Wilton Felder - https://www.theguardian.com/music/2015/oct/08/wilton-felder