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Dear Viewers,

Remember when families sat around the radio and connnected with each other, and the rest of the world? Before TV, PCs, smart phones, & heads pose - as if in prayer: sending a text, or playing a video game?  When a tablet was on what you practiced writing your name in 1st grade, and a notebook was speckled black & white composition cardboard covered, with lined paper? When viral meant a doctor's office visit, or his (female doctors were certainly the exception) house call?


 These interviews take us back to that time. 

Even if your musical experience is just downloading, or listening to vinyls, and concert going, check out Wilton, Ronnie & Walter's interviews about their musical journeys. They embody so many life lessons... 

Use Walter/Ronnie/Wilton's thoughts as a forum for quality time with at least one youth, or a buddy.

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