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"First let me say thank you for helping us get the word out about the Ronnie Laws concert in Charlotte, for several reasons.

Reason number 1-

The show was AWESOME. Right from the first set with Willie Bradley, the Fayetteville native. Put his foot in it. I mean he toe it up. I got a big hug from him in the lobby as he was selling 
his cd's like hot cakes. Him and I go way back, all the way to Fayettville when we first met a few months ago.
Never heard of him until my friend Deborah Charity took her Jazz Show on the road and asked him to perform. It was the only reason I had for going down there.
I mean what's in Fayetteville?

Walter Beasley, saxophonist, vocalist extraordinaire and very funny man.  
He makes you feel like he's  one of your cousins, that came to visit.

He will give you a little back ground information about each song, a nice intro, and then, just blow you away with his thirty plus years of experience .  I think he taught Music that long at Berklee School of Music.

When he sang that song Diamond in the Back, it was pretty much a done deal.
I was done!! He had everybody in the building singing that song. All those arms in the air, swinging from side to side, finga popping, harmonizing.

Then Ronnie Laws came out. After that first song you understand why Maurice White asked him to perform with Earth, Wind and Fire. He still got it. The horn, the vocals, still in tip top shape. 

Reason number 2-

We stayed in a nice hotel Holiday Inn . We were right smack, dab, in the middle of Uptown Charlotte. One block from the show. They had a Taste of Charlotte and that was pretty nice. I didn't know Charlotte had an up scale area like that. 
Usually when Deb Charity do these shows, she gets nice hotels and discounted rates.
Food, was lip smackin, good. Breakfast buffet, waffles, eggs , sausage, fresh fruit, including wata-mellon and grits. Finally found somebody that can cook some grits.
Please don't mess with my grits.

Third Reason-

Willie Bradley finally got the attention of the Newport Jazz Festival. After years of sending them information, they are going to allow him to perform.

That's pretty Awesome. A lot of nice things are happening for Mr Bradley.
I'm really looking forward to his new cd, being released next month because he teamed up with an awesome song writer Preston Glass.  When you get a chance, look up this amazing song writer and you will understand, why I think Willie Bradley is about to move to another level.

Sorry I didn't mean to be so long.

W. S."

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