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November 24th Concert Feedback:

"First time I heard the crowd holler out them words and rightly so.

It was back in June, when I first heard Shawn Allen perform " Very Special" with
the amazing Ronnie Laws. And I knew, then, she was "Something Special".

However November 24, 2017 was a different gave us an opportunity to
enjoy, a full set of pure entertainment , the Phenomenal, Shawn Allen . That might,
be the best way to describe, what we heard at the show.

I couldn't even respond when you called out my name from the stage. My mine
was still trying to process what I just heard. That Woman can," sang", let her sing, let her sing.

I been holding this in all weekend and now about to bust... that show was very nice.

We all like to leave a nice ga*tuity for the waitress when she provides exceptional table service, hopefully we can leave something for the Phenomenal Vocalist, like feed back, comments and things like that.

And thanks Stephen and Deborah Charity for all the behind the scene hard work for putting together these great Jazz Shows on great stages, in different cities, in the US." - unsolicited, from W.S.

Ronnie Laws - 2017 Grammy contender for his single, Settle Down

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