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Visual & Performing Arts and Health: they're connected.

Jazz on the Tube's endorsement of Jazz Informance: "Jazz appears in a lot of different settings - from smoky clubs to huge festival crowds.  But one couple, Steve and Deb Charity, has made it their life's work to present it in an environment that's truly unique. They call it Jazz Informance. Maybe you've heard about it. If not, here's what it's all about...

The guiding spirit behind Jazz Informance events is this: jazz is an elevating music - emotionally, intellectually, socially.

Step One, everyone comes dressed in their finest. Step Two, truly world class musicians.

Step Three, people of all ages are welcome from the young ones to grand and great grandparents and everyone in between.

Step Four, it's an event that supports jazz and jazz education. Step Five, Jazz Informance is not just performance, the events are hosted by top jazz artists and educators.

If anyone is presenting the music with this level of loving care anywhere else on the planet, I've never heard about it.

Spread the word. It's a beautiful thing. 
Visit Jazz on the Tube  -  the biggest collection of jazz videos on earth – it's free.

Ken McCarthy - Lester Perkins

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Art & Health Awareness Foundation, Inc. is an Amazon Smile Charitable Organization.

You shop, Amazon gives. Click here for details.