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The Brain:

Healthy vs. Unhealthy

We have more control than we thought!

From ADD to Alzheimers, depression to schizophrenia, Amen Clinics has sound documented cases of brain improvement and healing.  The largest brain SPECT imaging database worldwide - more than 115,000 SPECT scans for more than 26 years.

Good News! SPECT scans show that there are many natural things that can be done to balance the brain.
Did you know? There are 7 different types of ADD?
 Mind Coach - How to Teach Kids to Think Positive and Feel Good
Brain SPECT imaging can show Alzheimer's up to 9 years prior to any symptoms.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

How Concussions Impact the Brain

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Each person decides his/her health management or protocol.   

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